An open international ideas competition has been launched to reinvent the ruined Red Sands sea fort in the Thames Estuary, off the Kentish coast. The iconic structure – which was one of several offshore installations designed by Guy Maunsell during World War Two – has been unused since 1956. Organised by Seville-based ‘Rethinking Architecture Competitions’, the contest seeks proposals to transform the fort into a new observatory. The Red Sands base was constructed in 1943 and originally featured anti-aircraft batteries. The seven raised structures were originally connected by walkways which have not survived. The first prize winner – set to be announced on 1 May – will receive around £2,300. The deadline for entries is 30 March. For more information visit Rethinking Architecture Competitions. Text: Architects’ Journal

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Frank Lloyd Wright - Millard HouseFrank Lloyd Wright - Millard House
Frank Lloyd Wright - Millard House

The Millard House in Pasadena, California, by Frank Lloyd Wright, was built in 1924. Recognised as the earliest ‘Usonian’ house, it is also the first residence to utilise Wright’s textile block building system. Also known as La Miniatura, the house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sited on nearly an acre of gardens within the Prospect Historic District of Pasadena, the residence and studio include four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, a living room, a formal dining room, and semi-detached garages. Following a multi-year restoration, it is now on the market for $3,950,000. For more information visit Crosby Doe Associates.

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New build in west London

Conversion in west London

Extension in north London

Architect’s Statement
What makes our buildings and projects both original and notable is the absence of a statement, the lack of an ego, the way they fit into their culture, the economy and attention to detail. All GBA projects are original solutions to particular problems. We take into consideration the surroundings, the local traditions, the weather and the available light and to make the most of each site we work with. We are a small, flexible firm, able to design and supervise construction anywhere in the world, from a prize-winning family house in Notting Hill to the Lubetkin Prize winner for Casa KiKé in Costa Rica.

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