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Architect’s Statement
Ström Architects is a small boutique practice specialising in private residential work, both in the UK and abroad. The practice is influenced by Swedish Functionalism, which is born out of a belief in humanism, tradition, moderation, handcrafted perfectionism, modesty, quietude and purposefulness. We strive to create buildings that do not shout, but come across as understated, powerful and soulful. We approach each commission as a unique task, leading to tailored and personalised architectural solutions. In 2012, we featured as the UK representative for Wallpaper Magazine’s directory of emerging architectural talent from around the world.

Ström Architects is one of a number of entries recently added to our Directory of Architects and Designers. For modern properties for sale and to let in the UK, visit The Modern House.

Thursday 30th October: 6.00pm/ 7.30pm
Gospel Oak, Camden

Ravenswood © Tim Crocker

An interesting opportunity to have a tour of a terraced house at Ravenswood, a modernist estate in north London designed by Robert Ballie for St Pancras Housing Association in 1967. Located on the edge of the estate, the house has been adapted and expanded by Maccreanor Lavington Architects and design studio Khaa. The extension, designed to complement the character of the original building, has bespoke window frames, cladding and floor in douglas fir. The one-hour evening tour will be conducted by Kay Hughes of Khaa and Richard Lavington of Maccreanor Lavington. For more information and to book tickets, visit Open-City London Architecture Tours.

For modern properties for sale and to let in the UK, visit The Modern House.


Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Campo Baeza in Garrison, New York, was completed in 2008. The glass and concrete house is situated on a concrete platform on the bank on the Hudson River. It is designed to blend the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Photography: Javier Callejas

For modern properties for sale and to let in the UK, visit The Modern House.


Quebec House by Alain Carle is located beside a lake in the Wentworth-Nord municipality of Quebec, Canada. The black-painted brick house has a timber and steel structure and cedar panelling. A series of walls screen views of the nearby street, directing focus towards the lake. Photography: Adrien Williams

For modern properties for sale and to let in the UK, visit The Modern House.


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