WHAT WE’RE HEARING: Britain’s property prices faring better than others in Europe in new index


Look on the bright side. For all the woes the property market has given Britain over the last four years, we can now compare them to our European neighbours. And according to The Sunday Times this week that should make us feel a whole lot better. Covering the same time frame as the property markets here have been suffering and a little more, Eurostat (the EU’s statistics office) have been compiling a European House Price Index that has now been launched and tells us we are faring a lot better than some of our fellow EU members. Despite less money in our pockets caused by the many-dip recession, since 2006 Britain’s property values have risen by 1.8% while France’s market has fallen by 1.3% and Spain by 15.2%. Take a look at the figures at: Eurostat

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