Small Stories: At home in a dolls’ house
V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9PA
Until 6 September 2015. Entrance: Free

Whiteladies House by Moray Thomas. England, 1935

Kaleidoscope House by Laurie Simmons, Peter Wheelwright and Bozart. USA, 2001

Hopkinson House – bedroom detail set in 1940s. England, 1980s-1990s

This exhibition explores the history of the home through 12 dolls’ houses from the past 300 years. It includes a 1930s dolls’ house, Whiteladies House, designed by artist Moray Thomas, modelled on the handful of Modernist country villas emerging in Hampstead at the time. Kaleidoscope House, designed by Laurie Simmons, is a more contemporary exhibit, built from multicoloured translucent walls, and filled with miniature replicas of Ron Arad, Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger furniture and artworks. Another exhibit, Hopkinson House, is based on the houses of London County Council’s 1930s suburb, the St Helier Estate. For more information on the exhibition, and the book that has been published to accompany it, visit the Museum of Childhood website. Images: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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The Brassworks
Conversion project in London

Park Square Mews
Mews house in London

Architect’s Statement
Belsize Architects has an international portfolio of critically-acclaimed and award-winning buildings in the residential, education, commercial and leisure sectors. We have a reputation for intelligent, sensitive and elegant design, and are highly skilled in creating successful new developments and in bringing new and sustainable life to historic buildings. We provide full architectural services, including interior, landscape, furniture and product design. Our work includes private houses, new build and interventions to listed buildings, residential and commercial interiors, offices and showrooms, and educational and leisure facilities. Recent clients include University College Oxford, the Church Commissioners, the Crown Estate and the London School of Economics.

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All Purpose (À Toutes Fins Utiles)
The Architectural Association (AA) Gallery. Until 13th December 2014
Monday to Friday: 10am–7pm, Saturday: 10am-3pm

All Purpose Exhibition. Photography: AA School

Palais d’Iéna, Paris ESEC headquarters Hypostyle room. Photography: Benoît Fougeirol

Atelier Esders (garment factory in Paris) by Auguste Perret

Auguste Perret (1874-1954) was a pioneer in reinforced-concrete architecture. The son of a stonemason in Paris, he created an innovative business combining architecture and construction. His use of reinforced concrete and steel frame, first developed in 1937 for the Palais d’lena, found wide application after World War II in the reconstruction of Le Havre. The city’s inclusion in the World Heritage List in 2005 bought public attention to his work, which is otherwise widely overlooked. This exhibition, supported by ENSA-Versailles and Fondazione, examines the themes that were central to Perret’s work. It was originally developed as a contribution to the exhibition ‘Auguste Perret: Huit Chefs d’œuvre’ curated by Rem Koolhaas and Joseph Abram in Paris in 2013. For more information visit the AA website.

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La Planicie House II by Oscar Gonzalez Moix, in La Molina District, Peru, was completed in 2012. The house has two concrete volumes that rest on two large walls of stone, a courtyard and a lap pool. It incorporates stone tiles, Corten steel, wood, granite, marble and glass. Photography: Juan Solano Ojasi

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