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Monsieur Martel outside his studio

Monsieur Martel outside his studio

Surely one of the most desirable houses in the whole of France for any modern architecture enthusiast, Villa des Frères Martel has recently come onto the market with an asking price of $4,264,000. Even located on the private street bearing the architect’s name, Rue Mallet-Stevens 10, this house was designed by French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in 1926 and sits in a luscious area on the borders of Paris in the 16th arrondissement, developed primarily in the 1920s. More significantly, the house is surrounded by an extraordinary concentration of International Style residential architecture; further Mallet-Stevens buildings as well as other classics by Le Corbusier such as Maison Cook and Villas Lipchitz-Miestchaninoff. The house was originally designed for two bothers who were both sculptors and as such they required the enormous ceiling heights featured in the property as well as the varying levels within the room to gain alternative perspectives of their work. The living room alone is 1,840 square feet and is lit by large windows. The villa has one mezzanine bedroom and no doubt a lot of admirers.


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